Beyond the Scale – How Mom lost Over 150 pounds & got her life back!

It’s about this time of year the novelty of New Year resolutions begin to fade, and the busyness of life begins to push back. This is exactly why your health goals must go Beyond the Scale. Everything in life has costs and payoffs, including your health. The key is to make sure the payoffs you get from your health out way the costs.

Watch this weeks Transformation Tuesday and see the incredible story of Nalani Rood and how she has lost over 150 lbs (75 pounds of that In the last 9 months by eating in 3’s) since deciding to take back control of her life and making her 8 Week Run. Nalani’s powerful story will help move you beyond the scale, keep your 2016 momentum flowing and deliver a massive dose of motivation.

Always remember the transformation starts with you!

Ready to take Your Body to the Next Level?

If so then get started today by Making Your 8 Week Run, just like Nalani, and get an easy to follow 3 phase plan, delicious recipes, powerful coaching videos that lead you step by step through the program and inspirational community to answer questions and provide daily motivation.


Start Your 8 Week Run

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