1% Health Success + NEW PFC Every 3 E-Book

Hello Health Champion!

Oh yes, it’s the Party time of the year! December and the Holidays are upon us, so I wanted to send a quick note helping you take on the rest of 2017 like the Health Champion that you are!

Each week, I’ll be sharing nuggets of info and strategies to assist you in having a blast this holiday season, while also preventing any unwanted health back sliding.

So, let’s dive in with this week’s winning strategy!

Imagine achieving your health goal by focusing on 1% daily progress. Instead of having the typical mindset of “all or none”, shift to 1% daily health progress. Maybe that’s walking 2 more minutes a day, sleeping 5 more minutes at night, or having a protein shake during the day to fight off those mid-afternoon sugar cravings caused by low blood sugar.

Just think about the compound effect of 1% health progress over the next 31 days of December and the exponential effect that will have on your 2018 health goals.

You’ll be kicking off the new year on fire and building off the momentum and health foundation you just created throughout December.

Here’s a video from our 8-Week Coaching series that really dives into shifting your mindset to Progress over Perfection, 1% at a time.

Check it out:


New Eat PFC Every 3 E-Book


I’m excited to announce that we just launched our new Eat PFC Every 3 E-book! This book took me a year to write and it’s the most powerful step by step tool to lead you through your entire 8-Week Run!

You’ll learn why diets fail, the science of blood sugar balance, the importance of detoxing, how to reprogram your metabolism, the keys to bursting through health plateaus, how to eat in restaurants, the secrets to staying on plan with a busy life and SO much more!

This E-book is only available through our 8-Week Digital Coaching series and is a powerful addition. If you already have access to the 8-Week Coaching Series, simply log in @ VeniceNutrition.com and go to the “book” tab.

If you haven’t taken on the 8-Week Digital Coaching series, you can learn more about it @ 8WeekRun.com.

This 8-Week Coaching Series will provide you the plan, education, recipes, coaching and support to win throughout the holidays and truly for the rest of your life, and the best part, it’s only a one-time fee of $97.00.

Let our December fun start now!

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