3 Steps to Creating a Balanced Meal

Protein plus Fats plus Carbs = PFC Every 3

Hello! Mark here and I hope you’re kicking off your week in style, I know I am!

It’s been an intense and amazing last couple months, we’ve been trail blazing the globe with our Zen Project 8 movement and partnership with Jeunesse Global!

We’ve rocked incredible events in 15 countries and 5 continents, and what’s super cool is that thousands of more people now understand the power of balancing their blood sugar levels by eating PFC Every 3.

Throughout my travels, there is one main question I consistently get, which is, “How do I create a balanced meal?” So I wanted to write a quick article sharing the 3 steps to create a balanced meal.

These 3 steps are so simple that once you understand them you’ll immediately have the knowledge and skill set to quickly create a balanced meal anywhere in the world.

Lets dive in!

Step 1: Balance Your Plate with Your Optimal Portion Sizes

The goal for each meal is to be ready to eat (just a tad hungry) when it’s time to eat and satisfied (comfortable) after each meal.

If you’re starving before a meal, you waited too long to eat, your blood sugar is too low and you’re burning muscle.

If you’re full after a meal, you ate too many calories, your blood sugar is too high and you’re storing fat.

Here are your starting portion sizes based on your gender. Of course, these are just a starting point, if you eat a meal and are still hungry simply evenly increase the amount of protein, fat and carbs on your plate.

Portion Sizes

Step 2: Choose Your Protein First, Fat Second and Carbs Third in Each Meal

PFC Every 3 means eating a balance of protein, fats and carbs every 3 hours. All three nutrients are essential in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

Many times protein is the nutrient that gets neglected in meals, especially in grab n go meals.

To ensure each meal is properly balanced, focus on building your meals in this order.

Start with choosing your protein.

Here are some pictures of the most common proteins and if you want to learn more about the Power of Protein check out this article.

The Power of Complete Protein

Here are some pictures of the most common fats and if you want to learn why you must eat fat to burn fat check out this article.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat

** One quick note, if you choose a protein that already has fat in it, like salmon, beef or pork, skip adding the additional fat choice to your meal, you’ll get enough protein and fat in non-lean protein options.

Third, choose a carb to complete your meal.

Here are some pictures of the most common carbs and if you want to learn why carbs are your friend, check out this article.


Step 3: Add Free Foods to Keep Your Meals Exciting and Flavor Packed

Boring and tasteless meals are never fun to eat! The moment you are bored with your food is the moment you are about to fall off your nutrition plan.

There are tons of flavor packed free foods that are low in calories, sodium and refined sugar. Here are some pictures of a few and feel free to choose from any salt free herbs, spices, as well as low sugar and calorie sauces, vinaigrettes, and of course load up on greens.

Free Foods

Now if you want to truly take your meal building skill set to the next level, I suggest getting started with a monthly or one-year membership to our Venice Nutrition Customized Meal Planning System.

It’s the most robust system in the industry and truly educates you to win forever with your meals.

Watch this video for more info about the Customized Meal Planning System:

VN Sales - Custom Meal System

As always THANK YOU for being an incredible part of our community and for choosing to make your health a priority!

Massive hugs,


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