50% Off Kid Athlete Nutrition Program – Perfect Time for Fall Sports!


Fall sports are back in action and over the last couple weeks I’ve seen first-hand the food challenges kid athletes and parents have every day. Making your food work as a family takes time, effort, planning, but most important education.

It’s exactly why I became the Tennis Channels Nutrition Expert, we saw the need and importance of sharing cutting edge food info with athletes of all levels, kids, teenagers and adults.

But as much as I love helping adults, the true difference maker is educating kids, teenagers and of course their parents about how to fuel.

This is why our kid athlete nutrition program is so much more than a coaching series, it’s the “must have” food education for every parent and kid athlete in the world.

I created this series because as an athlete, parent to a kid athlete and sports nutritionist I’ve personally seen the nutrition struggles and misinformation parents and kids are bombarded with every day, looking for real food solutions to take their athletic performance to the next level and get the competitive edge.

This coaching series will teach you the nutrition and performance strategies that I personally use to help athletes perform at the highest level possible, including professional sports teams and Olympic athletes.

When I was an athlete, I didn’t have this information. So it’s time to make sure every Kid and Teenage athlete does.

If you’re a kid or teenage athlete, or a parent of one, this program is an absolute must. The nutrition education you’ll receive will forever change how you look at food and give you the nutrition tools you need to fuel your athletic career and the rest of your life.

If you’re a parent, we’ve got you covered: my wife Abbi and I understand how it’s already expensive enough raising a kid athlete. I think we all can agree on that!!

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every kid and teenage athlete to truly understand food and the power of nutrition at the same level as professional athletes, so we made price a non-issue.

This is exactly why we’re offering a 50% Sale off the entire nutrition program, available Now for $29.50!! This is a 7 day sale and expires Wednesday, August 30th.

Here’s a quick snap shot of the highlights of what you’ll get and learn during the program:

A kid-friendly info packed E-book full of pictures and illustrations – no science class here! It’s packed with the latest information and research including:

How To Feed Your Kid Athlete E-Book

Your 3 Nutrition Guidelines and how to Eat PFC Every 3: This simple eating adjustment will immediately increase your Athletes energy, focus, strength, recovery and performance.

A Complete Athlete Meal Plan, Exchange System and Portions Plan: These simple recipes will make your life 10 times easier. Fast, delicious, and simple, these meals will save you time and money and take all the hassle out of feeding your kid athlete.

The Competitor’s Guide: Give your kid athlete an unfair advantage by knowing exactly how to Fuel Pre, Post and During Competition so you can be your best.

The Game Day Guide: The best grab-n-go foods, shakes, bars and a complete 411 on supplementation so you’ll never be misled from false supplement hype and you’ll always have the best quality snacks on hand. A true life-saver.

Plus, you’ll also get instant access to:

9 Coaching Videos walking you step by step through the entire program and helping you work your nutrition program into your busy schedule as a kid/teenage athlete or parent.

How to Feed Your Kid Athlete Coaching Videos 1

How to Feed Your Kid Athlete Coaching Videos 2

Tons of Kid-Friendly Recipes that are healthy, balanced and taste great. Yes, our kids actually eat these and like them!

Kid Friendly Recipes

Full Online Support with our Kid Athlete Community: Get instant access to the best support group online where you and your kids can ask any questions and share ideas with fellow parents and kid athletes.

I get there is SO much information out there, but as a parent to another parent, this program will change how you and your kid/teenage athlete looks at food forever. It will empower them to not only win at their sport, but understand food for the rest of their lives.

This is why I’m asking you to also share this program with any other parents it can help. Together we can put to bed all the false hype and info being marketed at our kid/teenage athletes.

Now If you’re ready your kid athlete and take their nutrition and performance to the next level, click here to see the complete digital coaching package and get started with our 50% off sale.

And if you want to learn more about our Kid Athlete Nutrition Program check out this video:


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