50% Off NEW Meal Building Software & Body Confidence Plan

The Sale is now over, but NEW software is LIVE! Get started today with a monthly or yearly membership. Check out the details

Hey there, Mark here and I’m excited to share the Launch and Special sale on our Body Confidence Plan & Meal Building Software >.

Ten years ago I saw a gaping hole in the health industry on educating people on how to eat in 3s and keep their blood sugar balanced. We go to school for so many things but the majority of us never truly learn about food and how simple balancing your protein, fats and carbs can be.

This is why in 2006 we launched the first web-based version of our Venice Nutrition Meal Building Software. Through the years it has greatly evolved, always striving to create the best user experience for you.

With great pride, I can say we have taken our software to an entirely new level.

Here are just a few of the many highlights and new additions:

  • Extremely Mobile Friendly
  • Lightning Fast
  • Comprehensive Goal Setting Charts
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Robust Meal Journal
  • Powerful Member Handbook
  • And my favorite – A Fully Interactive Meal Building Experience that Keeps your Protein, Fat and Carb ratios balanced and educates you every step of the way
  • So to celebrate we are offering 50% of our 1 Year Membership + A free 3 Month Gift Membership, so you can live the program with a friend!

    7 Day Sale! This Offer expires Monday May 16th


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    And if you’re already a Venice Nutrition Member, Thank You and make sure to log into your account, experience the new software and take your results to the next level!

    Paperback Release of our Best Selling Book, Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back


    I’ve written two books, Body Confidence and Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back. Because of YOU and our incredible community, they are both Best Sellers.

    I wrote Why Kids Make You Fat and How To Get Your Body Back for all busy people and especially parents. The book is centered on our exclusive 8 Week Run program and provides real world strategies to forever win with your food and fitness.

    The paperback is in a real cool Mini Size that fits perfectly into your purse or briefcase. To celebrate its release it’s only $10.00 on Amazon and with a prime membership, free shipping! It’s also a great additional tool that goes perfect with the new Meal Building Software.

    Click here to get your copy today and/or find out more about the book or simply visit – www.WhyKidsMakeYouFat.com

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