YOUR 8 Week Run with Mark Macdonald & Venice Nutrition

15 Steps to Rockin Your Plan & owning Your 8 Week Run!

Your first 11 steps are focused on keeping your 8 Week Run simple, easy and effective. They allow your plan to truly be “plug & play”. Simply download the documents, read them, get your products and start. As you dive in you are going to have constant support every step of the way & you’ll be able to share your thoughts each day through your video journals.

Step 1 – Fill out the form below to officially register for your “8 Week Run”:



Step 3 – Take a BEFORE photo and post it to the “8 Week Run Transformation” Group on Facebook, along with your personal story, your goals for the program & a 1-2 minute video diary if you have access to a video camera. We will all be helping cheer each other on and achieve the best results possible!
Step 4 – Take before measurements – Body Fat percentage & inch measurements – waist, hips & thighs and post your initial measurements to the facebook group.
Step 5 – SHARE your post from the 8 week run FB page on your personal Facebook wall – that’s right, your family and friends will also be holding you accountable for your progress… That’s some extra motivation for you right there!
Step 6 – Upload your starting measurements (weight & bodyfat percentage, as well as inch measurements of waist, hips, thigh and chest), before picture & story to Please make sure to label the files with your name.
Step 7 – Make sure you are registered for Monday’s weekly coaching webinar led by Mark Macdonald and also Watch Mark’s weekly coaching videos!

Coaching webinars will be held every Monday at 9PM EST and recorded. The recorded version will be posted on the web page linked below the following day.

Mark’s coaching videos will lead you through every step of Your “8 Week Run” and set you up to win!

Step 8 – Download Your 7 Day Detox Plan – Your 3 page document to Cut, Clean & Flush!
Step 9 – Download Your 7 Week Ignite Plan – Your 3 Page Document to Burn, Sculpt & Restore!
Step 10 – Download Your Recommended 8 Week Run Supplements – These Supplements are Designed to Turbo Charge Your Plan and Results.

Important Note: You may do your “8 Week Run” plan without these recommended supplements.

Step 11 – Have questions? Email your questions to: or ask your certified Venice Nutrition Coach (if you’re working with one).

If you do not have a Venice Nutrition Certified coach and you would like more One on One support, please visit our locator page, there are hundreds of Venice Nutrition Practices located throughout the US, Canada & Europe.

Steps 12-15 are designed to guide you through the process of shifting your “8 Week Run” into a way of life.

This is what the Thrive Phase is all about and there are plenty of tools to dive into to enhance your education. The key is to make sure you pace your self.

Step 12 – Download Your Thrive Plan – Your 3 page document to Reprogram, Diversify, and Energize!
Step 13 – Start reading Mark’s NY Times Best Seller, Body Confidence.

Body Confidence - Now in Paperback

Body Confidence leads you through a 3 month coaching program with Mark, helping you win every step of the way. Plus it’s filled with inspirational success stories to motivate you and show you that anything is possible with your body! All 8 Week Run participants should purchase a copy of Body Confidence. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audiobook (read by Mark). To get your copy, simply Visit This Link >

Step 14 – Get your customized Venice Nutrition Meal Plan.

The VN software is a powerful tool. Customized meal plans, delicious recipes, interactive goal setting charts, online journal, coaching videos and webinars led by Mark Macdonald and so much more! Plus there is a streamlined Mobile Site as well, so you can use the tools & live the plan on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Click here for complete info about the VN Online Program >

Important Note: Joining the online program is not a requirement for participation in the “8 Week Run”.

Step 15 – Take AFTER picture and final measurements

Upload your finishing measurements (weight & bodyfat percentage, as well as inch measurements of waist, hips, thigh and chest), before & after picture as well as your story to Please make sure to label the files with your name.

Additional Guidelines
  • All participants must post and agree to sharing at least 3 Facebook posts each week onto the 8 Week Run Transformation Group and then share that post on their personal Facebook page. This can be a workout you enjoyed, a great healthy meal you had, a progress photo, your general feelings about the journey, your weight loss progress, a powerful quote that helped you through the day, or anything else relating to your progress
  • All participants must agree to posting their BEFORE and AFTER photos and measurements in our 8 Week Run Transformation Group Facebook Page Or email them to
  • All participants must agree that they want their stories and amazing results to be shared with the world in Mark Macdonald’s next book and online to help inspire millions more!
  • All participants who would like to be considered to be featured in Mark’s new book must take and upload a 1-2 minute video diary at the beginning and end of the “8 Week Run”

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