PFC with Halloween Candy

Happy November 1st!

Wow, the day after Halloween truly feels like a candy avalanche, especially with Hunter and Hope. Hope has definitely found her favorite carbohydrate, candy!

Now of course we all know, candy is not great for you. Besides the sugar, the food coloring is equally as damaging. But life is all about moderation, and if there’s ever a time when eating candy is cool, it’s on Halloween and especially the days after Halloween.

So as you might be recovering from a candy hangover or the candy festivities are just beginning in your house, my goal with this article is to share exactly how to balance your meals with your favorite Halloween candy and prevent the massive blood sugar spikes and fat storage.

What you first need to know is that ALL carbs like fruit, veggies, grains and candy (yes candy) get metabolized as sugar (fiber being the only exception).

The main difference between the different types of carbs is the rapid pace they get metabolized by your digestive system. Candy is processed and refined sugar and causes big blood sugar spikes which lead to epic blood sugar crashes.

Eating protein and fat with your Halloween candy is the solution to preventing unstable blood sugar levels. This also makes you only want to eat half the amount of candy compared to if you were eating it alone.

Adding a few turkey slices with some almonds, or a cup of low-fat greek yogurt/cottage cheese or a stick of string cheese or a couple hard boiled eggs or a Zen Fuze protein shake are excellent protein and fat choices to eat with your candy.

Here are three great examples of how easy it is to balance your meals with candy:


There you have it! You now have your candy solution, simply pair one of your favorite protein and fat sources with your candy and dive in!

Keep on the lookout for more weekly strategies to help you WIN with your health throughout November and December and Thanks for being an awesome part of our Community.

Massive hugs,


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