Bringing the FUN back!


Hello Health Champion!

Workout Wednesday this week was a great day! The sun was shining brightly with a crisp 80 degrees. From the moment I woke up, the world just felt a little lighter.

Hunter and I drove in our jeep to his keeper training with the top down, wind in our hair and jamming to our favorite tunes.

Hunter rocked a fun filled 2-hour keeper training session with his coach Felipe, followed by a Keeper War tourney with his training buddies. It was awesome to watch him, and his friends laugh, compete and most importantly have fun.

As we drove back to meet Abbi and Hope, we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, and I loved every second! I never thought the day would come when I enjoyed sitting in traffic, but after 8 months of empty roads, it was amazing to see people living life again.

As we pulled into the park, I expected to see a few kids playing with Hope, but the park was hopping with families running, talking and playing.

I then came home and got my own workout in, and as I hit some cardio with a hike in the woods, I was once again surprised to see how packed the trail was. For months I walked this trail without a person in site.

Workout Wednesday brought me joy. It was fun and it felt like the world was starting to have fun again.

I shot this quick video right after my workout and I thought it might be a dose of inspiration for you to keep having fun and living your best life and health.

I get how challenging these times might be for you and your family, but always remember that the stronger your health, the stronger your life. Make sure to laugh, have fun and get active this weekend.


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