Feeling Workout Burnout? Remember your couch is a good thing…

Your motivation is strong, results are flowing and you’re loving your exercise. You have the edge and want to push harder. So you increase your cardio times, pick up a sport, lift heavier weights, take more classes and choose to forget about the rest days (ah, who needs those!) As you push harder you begin to notice a few things… Each week your results come slower, your motivation begins to drop, you pick up a cold and your body is aching more than before.

You just turned a great exercise rhythm into “workout burnout” and you’re now on the wrong side of the “edge” and moments away from completely falling off your nutrition & fitness plan.

Sound familiar? If so, no worries, you can immediately get your “exercise mojo” back with these 3 strategies:

1) Strategy 1 – Pace Yourself

Realize there is too much of a good thing. Stick to what’s working and instead of increasing your workout times & days, focus on optimizing your current workouts – the goal is 4-5 days per week, 60-75 minutes per session max.

2) Strategy 2 – Create Daily “re-charge moments” I like to call them “zen moments”

Every 3-4 hours throughout the day, take 5-15 minutes when you simply turn your brain off, check out and just chill. Examples could be listening to your favorite song, doing a quick stretch break, or reading a few pages of your favorite book.

3) Strategy 3 – Schedule weekly “recovery days”

Focus on having 1-2 “recovery” days per week when you shelve your workouts & give your body the necessary time to repair and recover. You’ve earned these rest days with your hard work, so enjoy them. You could catch up on sleep, get bonus couch time, eat at your favorite restaurant or see a new movie. Basically anything that gives your mind and body a break for the day.

The key to remember is there needs to be balance with everything, work, family, food & fitness. Find the right exercise balance that gets results and prevents you from entering the dreaded “workout burnout” zone!

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