How to Fuel During Exercise & Sports

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Last week I kicked off the first part of our 4-Part series on How to Optimally Fuel as an Athlete by diving into your pre-competition/activity fuel.

If you missed that article, you can check it out here.

This week is all about maximizing your fuel during exercise, training and competition.

How you fuel during activity is the #1 factor of performing at a high level from start to finish.

The amount of fuel you need each training session or competition depends on the intensity of your activity and the length you’ll be working out.

The higher the intensity, the more you need to feed yourself throughout the activity.

You’ll start every game strong because you now know how to eat a high quality pre-match meal, but with every step, sprint or jump, you’ll quickly utilize that pre-match fuel.

If you don’t replace that fuel, fatigue will set in and your performance will drop.

Just think of the last time you played a long game without re-fueling, most likely your level kept dropping as the competition continued.

That’s an in-match fueling problem.

This is a big reason why high sugar sport drinks and sugar gel packs were initially created and are used in sports, as a way to get the instant energy to keep playing.

Even though those sugar drinks and gels work for a moment, they spike your blood sugar levels, which triggers the onset of low blood sugar, followed by an energy crash.  That crash makes you want to reach for another sugar drink or gel, and the cycle continues.

This all leads to an inconsistent performance on the court.

High sugar sport drinks and gels are never the answer.  During your match you need to continually fuel by eating PFC every 3 (a balance of protein, fats and carbs every 3 hours).

Now, of course, you can’t pull out some chicken and rice in the middle of a match, which is exactly why protein shakes and bars are your best choice for in-match fuel.

Fuel Yourself During a Match by Drinking a Protein Shake/Meal Replacement or Eating a Protein Bar:

During your competition, simply sip on a protein shake/meal replacement or eat part of or an entire protein bar during the game change overs.

The amount of protein shake or bars that need to be consumed during a competition depends on the heat, your conditioning, size and intensity level.

It’s important to always experiment with what works best during training sessions.

But because protein is such a hot topic, there are hundreds of different protein powders (shakes when mixed with fluid), and bars. All those options make it hard to know which one is good for you and made with quality ingredients. So to help, I’m sharing solid guidelines that will quickly expose the imposter shakes and bars from the great quality ones.

Simply follow these guidelines and you’ll fuel with a quality shake or bar.

I also listed a few brands of my favorite ones in the market because of their quality.

Read the rest of this article here and learn the exact guidelines in choosing the best quality Protein Shakes, Protein Bars and Electrolyte Replacements.

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