How to Make Exercise Fun

This past weekend Abbi and I were talking about the simpler times of life. We were listening to our new favorite song, “Good Old Days” by Maclemore, featuring Kesha.

The song is SO good and it reminded us both of the days when time was in abundance. When getting a workout in was as simple as just doing it.

But what I’ve learned is the more dynamic life becomes (marriage, kids, work, travel, etc.) the easier it is to push your food and fitness aside.

How many times have you said, “I’ll get to it tomorrow?”

Then tomorrow comes, and the same challenges arise from the previous day. This type of daily conversation is how I gained 35 pounds the first two years after Hunter was born!

I quickly realized I had to get smarter, sharper and more efficient with my health, and evolve my workouts to become part of my new dynamic life as a dad.

I’m now 45 and feel stronger, leaner and healthier than ever before.

Because I get how easy it is to skip workouts, I wanted my message this week to focus on how Abbi and I make our exercise fun, realistic and an adventure.

The goal of these tips is to inspire you to see the possibility of how YOU CAN find the time to workout regardless of how busy your life may be.

Ok, let’s dive into the 4 ways to have fun with your exercise, and if you also want to learn about how to maximize your workouts, check out this article I wrote on exercise.

1. Family Adventures

The more you can rock your health as a family the better. It’s the greatest bonding experience! Hiking, biking, boating, whatever you can do together as a family that involves working out is a win. We workout as a family all the time, here is a pic from a family bike ride and family hike. Simply choose the activities YOUR family loves and get active!

Biking and Hiking as a Family

2. Competing Like a Champion

As an athlete, I LOVE competition. Whatever the sport, soccer, tennis, ping pong, basketball, pick up football, trampoline dodgeball, basically any sport I can play count me in and if we can do it as a family it’s that much better.

The cool thing about playing a sport is it doesn’t feel like you’re working out, it’s a moment in time when you can forget about the world and just focus on the game.

If you love playing sports, simply get going again, but if you’re new to the concept, start somewhere, experiment with a few sports and challenge yourself to push the boundaries with your athleticism.

And sports can be a fun family affair too, just check out Hunter celebrating with me after my men’s Futsal team won the championship!


3. Rocking as a Group

The energy group workouts generate is incredible. Every time you get tired or want to take a break, the group inspires you to keep going and even push harder. I’ve led group workouts throughout the world and the outcome is always the same, a powerful feeling of community, empowerment and motivation. So if you’re struggling to find motivation to exercise, join a group exercise class or connect with some friends and start working out together.

The key to remember is the more you can make your exercise a community experience the more fun you’ll have.

Check out this pic from an awesome Zen Project 8 group workout we did in New Jersey:


4. Stealing Your Exercise Time

Living a busy life means many days are tight on time. Your exercise solution for those days is to steal back some time. Here are 3 ways I stole back some exercise time this week and as you read them think of how you can steal back some exercise time in your day:

  • On Monday I missed my morning workout, so I took the 90 minutes that I normally use to work at Hunter’s soccer practice and chose instead to make that some bonus workout time. I put on a 40-pound vest, did some strength training, sprints, stairs and power walking. I basically stole back 60 minutes of my day by “ditching my chair” and working out during his practice.
  • On Tuesday I had a video shoot and I missed my morning workout again! I stole back 60 minutes that night by doing some TRX strength training and then riding my bike as I watched my favorite TV shows.
  • And as I wrote this article, by simply sitting on an inflatable ball instead of a chair, I strengthened my core and burned 3 times more calories than if I sat in my chair.

My point with “stealing your exercise time” is looking at how you can take the same time you’re already spending on things and find ways to make exercise and activity part of them.


There you have it, easy ways to find your exercise groove and make it fun! The examples I just shared are simple things that Abbi and I do to keep our workouts exciting. They are a great place for you to start, and remember to keep experimenting and always make your exercise an adventure!

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