It’s Here… the Health Coach Certification Launch!

Hello my friend!

It’s brings me great joy writing this article. After 4 years in development and endless hours of researching, writing and filming, I’m proud to announce the Launch of our much-anticipated Venice Nutrition Health Coach Certification!

Since 1999 we’ve had the incredible honor of helping thousands of people from around the world permanently achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.

We’ve also had the privilege to partner with thousands of like-minded fellow health professionals. Health professionals committed to ending the dieting madness and empowering their clients to win with their health by balancing their blood sugar and eating PFC Every 3.

Through this incredible journey I saw a gap in the Health and Nutrition certification industry.

There wasn’t a certification designed for Health Enthusiasts (people who just love living a healthy lifestyle and want to share their passion with the world) AND Health Professionals (professionals who coach and develop health programs for their clients.)

That is, until now…

The Venice Nutrition Health Coach Certification is for all Health Enthusiasts, New Health Professionals, and even the most Seasoned of Health Professionals, because we designed it to speak to you wherever you are in your nutrition skill set.

Whether you simply want to better understand the physiology of your body, or you’re ready to start leading your community to master their nutrition or maybe you’re ready to implement a plug and play nutrition program into your health business, wherever you sit, this certification delivers!

I could keep on sharing all the things I love about this certification, but as my wife Abbi always tells me, shorter emails are better, so let me simply share the 2 best ways to learn about the Health Coach Certification:

  1. Watch this quick video below, I breakdown all the cool parts of the certification and exactly how it will take your nutrition skill set to the next level.
  2. Dive into our Health Coach page to find out every detail and see how robust and powerful this certification is, check out the page here.

But get ready for the BEST part of our Health Coach Certification Launch. We’re doing a $100 off Launch Sale!

The normal price of the Health Coach Certification will be $249, but for the next 7-Days, until Tuesday, November 21st, you can get started with the Health Coach Certification for only $149! That’s $100 savings!

Here’s the Health Coach Certification video, and if you’re ready to take your nutrition skill set to the next level, let’s lock arms and make a difference together in this world.

Health Coach Video

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