How to eat your “off-plan” meals…GUILT FREE

Loving and enjoying your food is a must to truly make your nutrition a way of life and enjoy the holiday season.

And of course having some fun by going a little “off plan” and eating your favorite calorie packed “off plan” foods and meals is part of life and vacation.

So I wanted to share my top 4 strategies with you to help you Eat your favorite calorie packed foods GUILT FREE and minimize the fat storing damage they can cause, let’s dive in!

1. Eating PFC Every 3 throughout the day before your “off plan” meal.

PFC Every 3

The dieting mind-set is to starve yourself before your “off plan” meal. This leads to saving your calories and using them all up at the “off plan” meal.

This mind-set only makes you burn muscle and store fat. Your “off plan” meal is just another meal “in your day.

Keep eating at normal meal intervals (every three to four hours) up until your “off plan” meal. This meal frequency will keep your metabolism going, which will allow your body to burn more of the excess calories from your “off plan” meal after you eat it.

2. Make the most of your “off plan” meal. My “off plan” meal needs to be an experience.

"Off Plan" Meal Experience

I used to try eating only pizza or ice cream. The problem was that I always felt it was incomplete.

My wife Abbi is the type of person who can have one slice of pizza or a piece of chocolate and feel content. I am not that kind of person. When I eat “off plan,” I want to enjoy my food and make the experience last.

My suggestion is to go for it.

Get the appetizer, the salad, the main course, and the dessert. Enjoy your favorite foods, and make sure you feel content after the meal, because if you don’t, you may still crave an “off plan” meal.

Use your weekly “off plan” meal to get it all out of your system; this approach will make it much easier to jump right back “on plan” afterward.

3. Eat a 1/2 meal within four hours after your “off plan” meal.

Refreshing Delicious Chocolate Milk with Real Cocoa

I consistently share how your metabolism burns more energy the more meals you eat. This also applies to eating after an “off plan” meal.

By eating a half meal four hours afterward, your body will work at a faster pace to metabolize your “off plan” meal, minimizing any possible fat storage.

An example would be a few turkey slices and a handful of nuts, or 1 scoop of Zen Fuze Protein Shake (or your protein shake you prefer) —

Basically, any of your meal plans eat half the amount of protein and fat and remove the carbohydrates just from that meal.

4. Stay guilt free after your “off plan” meal.

Guilt is a feeling associated with diets. We feel guilty because the action (an “off plan” meal) was something we were not supposed to do or something that we felt we should not have done in the first place.

If you eat five meals a day, that means you are eating thirty-five meals per week. If one of those meals is “off plan,” you are eating thirty-four out of thirty-five “on plan” meals per week.

That is 97 percent compliance! Ninety-seven percent is fantastic in my book. My point is, you need to give yourself some slack.

Have FUN this holiday season and enjoy your “off plan” meal, and simply get back on track afterward.

If for some reason you have a couple of “off plan” meals in a week, just let it go; guilt will get you nowhere.

Becoming an expert on your nutrition means accepting that you may fall off, and remembering that you have the education to jump right back on.

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