Make Your 8-Week Run into the Holidays – 50% off Sale!

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the next 3 months. She was asking about the best ways to stay healthy, active and fit during the Fall and Holiday seasons.

Let’s face it, as the temperatures cool and the holiday feeling begins to build, it gets more difficult to keep your health in focus.

So, in the spirit of finishing 2017 like the Champion that you are, I wanted to give you the Health Blueprint to optimize the next 90 Days and build massive momentum leading into 2018!

Your October, November and December 90 Day Health Blueprint has two phases:

  1. Making Your 8-Week Run into The Holidays (NOW through Thanksgiving Week)
  2. Maintaining Your Health Progress During the Holidays (Monday After Thanksgiving through January 1st, 2018)

Phase 1 – Making Your 8-Week Run into the Holidays (NOW through Thanksgiving Week)

Imagine becoming an expert on your food and fitness in the next 8 weeks by maximizing your body’s ability to burn fat, build muscle and most importantly, getting educated to own your food for yourself and your family.

Too many times we get to Thanksgiving unprepared and the holiday backslide immediately begins and continues to snowball through December…

Not this Year!!

Together, we’re going to lock arms and together make an 8-Week Run into the Holidays!

And to make sure you have all the tools to win (coaching videos, program guides, recipes, support) we’re offering 50% off our world renowned 8-Week Digital Coaching Program, normally $97.00, and NOW available for $48.50 till Monday, October 9th.

And If you want to check out all the cool things in the 8-Week Digital Coaching Program, simply click here.

Make Your 8 Week Run - Detox, Ignite, Thrive, and Get Your Body Back

In addition to getting 50% off the 8-Week Plan, I’m going to be leading weekly Facebook Live Coaching Sessions designed to help you master these next 8 weeks! Simply subscribe to my Facebook Lives here.

And if you’re already working with a Venice Nutrition Coach, no worries, the content I’ll be sharing will connect perfectly with your coach.

Get Ready to be your leanest, strongest and healthiest ever leading into the Holidays!

Phase 2 – Maintaining Your Health Progress During the Holidays (Monday After Thanksgiving through January 1st, 2018)

Now the Fun thing about the next 90 Days is you’ll still have a blast during the Holidays! After you make your 8-Week Run, you’ll then shift to maintaining your awesome results during the Holiday season and avoid any health backslide.

You’ll accomplish this through living Your Thrive Phase (part of your 8-Week Plan) and I’ll be continuing my Virtual Facebook Coaching. The entire holiday season will empower you on how to eat the food you love, vacation in style, and still maintain your results. I promise!

Then come January 2nd, we will amp everything back up and take on your next health goal.

Your 90 Day Adventure starts now!

Here’s a quick recap of your 2 most important Action items this week:

✅  Get your 8-Week Plan and Coaching Series – NOW 50% Off and only $48.50

✅  Subscribe to my Facebook Page to get access to Weekly Coaching

I’m excited to rock the next 90 Days with you and Thank YOU for being a powerful part of our Community!

Massive hugs,


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