My Top Traveling Tips from Australia

G’day Mate!

I’m pumped to be in Sydney, Australia this week! It’s the International launch of our exclusive Zen Fuze Protein Shake and the entire Zen Product Line at the Jeunesse Global Australian, New Zealand and Fiji Conference!

This cutting edge product line is all part of the Zen Project 8 global health movement.

Eighteen months ago we launched one of our most powerful partnerships of all time with Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse is a powerful world leader in product development and community driven movements.

As I spent 20+ hours flying to Australia from Atlanta, I was reminded how important it is to have a solid food and fitness game plan when traveling. It can really make the difference in truly enjoying your trip by feeling great from start to finish or losing a couple days because of fatigue.

So I wanted to share a couple quick tips I used for this trip to help you win with any upcoming spring and summer travel, as well as a blog I wrote with more in-depth travel strategies.

Tip 1: Stock Up Your MRFK with your favorite grab-n-go Proteins, Fats and Carbs.

This is a picture of my suitcase and I had a mini version of this packed in my backpack.

A quick list of what I brought is:

  • Proteins – Zen Fuze protein shake mix and Epic Chicken Sriracha Bars (love these!)
  • Fats – Coconut Flakes and Pecans
  • Carbs – Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries, and Jeunesse Global’s Reserve Antioxidant Gel
  • Meal Replacements – Zen Fuze protein shake mix, and Power Crunch and Kirkland protein bars

MRFK Travel Pack

Tip 2: Get Active When You Land

What I know is the sooner I get active and my blood flowing the faster I get over the stiffness from traveling.

Once I checked in I got a quick strength training session in at my hotel gym, it has a super cool set up that is outdoor, focuses on only body through space movements to maximally activate your core and it over sees the city of Sydney. Does it get better than that!?

Then after a twenty-minute strength workout, I went for a sixty-minute walk through Sydney, got my sweat and sightseeing on at the same time!

Here’s a pic of the gym I was talking about, so cool!

Sydney, Outdoor Gym

There you go, 2 super quick tips that will make a HUGE difference when you travel. And if you want more in-depth travel strategies, check out this blog, I used ALL of these strategies in preparing for this trip, it will help you win big time on the road!

Road Food Fitness

Have an awesome rest of your day!

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