PFC Every 3 for DADS!

Hello Health Champions!

As I flew to Hong Kong this week for the Epic China Launch of Zen Project 8, I was thinking about the 3 most important things I do each day to stay strong and live healthy.

I grew up watching my dad’s health crumble and one of my greatest motivations each day is to ensure I do everything I can to stay fit, active and balanced to be the best for Abbi, Hunter and Hope.

So my message today is for all the fellow dads out there who want to be great again with their body, energy and health. Father’s Day is only a few days away and what better time to recommit to your health.

I get that we are all busy and it’s easy to push your health aside, but that’s why the key to your health success is focusing on a 1% mindset.

As I dive into my top 3 strategies, envision the small steps you can do each day to move forward. The compound effect of those 1% steps quickly yield amazing results and most importantly a new found lifestyle. Here we go…

Strategy 1 – Create Your MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit)

Skipping meals causes low blood sugar attacks and immediate sugar cravings. This is why after you miss a mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal you’re starving at lunch and dinner and the bread cravings attack.

The solution is simple, create a winning MRFK based on your favorite foods. It can be robust as my MRFK from Hong Kong below shows, or as simple as protein bars. The key is to be prepared and design a MRFK that sets you and your family up to win!

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