Stay Fit-4-Fall Sale! 2 programs for the price of 1

Summer may be coming to an end, but your nutrition and fitness routine is just getting started!

One of my favorite success stories of this year was my client Veronica. Veronica is a pro at life; she’s a mom, wife and works full time.

She has created an incredible life with her husband John, but the one thing that has always been tough for her to win with was her health.

She was like many of us, wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, but continually being led down the dangerous path of dieting.

Veronica would start every diet strong and get excellent initial results, to only see the spark and enthusiasm quickly fizzle out and every pound lost was eventually regained, in typical yo-yo dieting fashion.

When I first met Veronica she shared her goal was to end this crazy dieting cycle and once and for all be in charge of her food and then help educate John and their kids. Her words made me smile and together we created a full health game plan that would provide Veronica the fast results she wanted, but more important a nutrition foundation that would reprogram her metabolism and show her how to evolve her program into a permanent part of her world and finally end her dieting madness.

Fast forward 9 months and Veronica has exceeded all of her expectations…

She is down 50 pounds, 15% body fat and over 40 inches.

But her results are just a product of the foundation she created. Veronica now finally understands food and has the tools and education to grocery shop, eat in restaurants and consistently prepare easy and delicious balanced meals.

But the best part of her success is she has taken her new food education and shared it with John and their kids. John has lost over twenty pounds and their kids are learning the power of food and will never have to deal with the dieting madness Veronica lived with for so many years.

Veronica showed that making nutrition a priority was great for her own health and for her entire family.

It was essential for her not only to see great progress in the beginning, but to have a plan to keep improving throughout the rest of the year. This isn’t a diet! It’s a lifestyle.

That’s why I spent years developing our meal planning, nutrition guidance software. It helps keep you on track every day, even on the tough days when you’re not sure what to eat.

The best results happen throughout the year as you stick to your plan, ignite your metabolism and the body fat keeps melting away.

That’s why I want to give those of you who are ready to make your big change right now a chance to drop your unwanted weight with your 8 Week Run, and keep it off with a FREE YEAR of our Body confidence Plan.

You’ll get access to both our acclaimed 8 Week Run & Body Confidence Plan for the price of one!

Simply purchase the 8 Week Run Plan for $97.00 (includes unlimited access) and receive a Free 1 Year Membership to our Customized Meal Building Software & the Body Confidence Plan. A Free Bonus Worth $129.00! This Stay Fit-4-Fall Sale ends Monday September 5th, 2016.

The Body Confidence plan is the same program featured in my NY Times Best Seller, Body Confidence, but with the software your program is completely customized to your goals and food preferences.

Step 1:

You’ll start your program with the 8-week plan, which is super easy to follow and simple to live. In 8 weeks you’ll detox your body, ignite your metabolism and learn the tools to evolve your program into a way of life.

Step 2:

After you rock your 8 weeks, you’ll be ready to take your program to the next level with your Body Confidence Plan and get a fully customized food program and so much more!

Our Best Offer Ever!

You’ll get both programs, for only $97.00, and most importantly the tools for you and your family to win with your food and fitness forever and permanently reprogram your metabolism.


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Check out a few of the top features of the 8 Week Run plan:

  • Interactive Guides to Your 3 Phases, Detox, Ignite, and Thrive
  • Powerful Coaching Videos and Podcasts from Mark Macdonald leading you through the 8 weeks and beyond
  • Delicious Recipes that go hand in hand with the three phases of Your 8 Week Run
  • Motivational daily support, inspiring stories and cutting edge new strategies
  • Unlimited Access

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Check out a few of the top features of the Body Confidence Plan:

  • Personalized nutrition program
  • Customized meal plans
  • Interactive goals setting charts
  • Coaching videos led by Mark Macdonald
  • Delicious recipe database nutrition and exercise journal
  • and so much more…

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And to provide an extra dose of Motivation, here are some inspiring 8-week transformations that kept their summer progress rolling right into fall:


Want to read their story and/or see more transformations, click here >

Don’t Pay over $200 for this next week!

This is the year you keep your summer shape and burst like the champion you are into the New Year! Always remember the transformation starts with you!

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