Staying Positive With Your Health

As I travel the world the one thing I keep seeing and hearing is that people are frustrated with their health. Whether the scale is too high, their clothes don’t fit well, energy is low or they just don’t feel good, it seems that almost everyone wants more from their health.

What inspires me every day is I see that people want to do the work to get healthier. The challenge is many times they just don’t know what to do or where to start.

This is why I have spent the last twenty years creating realistic programs and powerful partnerships to help provide real nutrition solutions for the world.

But even with the right nutrition program and fitness routine, your MINDSET is the catalyst to whether you succeed or not with your health.

Abbi and I were reminded of this back in 1999 when she was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a neuromuscular condition that creates chronic inflammation and severe muscular pain. The first year of Abbi’s diagnosis was rough. Abbi went from being healthy and active to struggling to even walk for short periods of time. Within a year she was on four different types of medication and had zero quality of life.

I remember the moment Abbi made the choice to forget where she used to be with her health and started focusing on where she was. We were in our house and she was sitting on the couch, her head slumped over and tears in her eyes. She looked up at me and said “I’m never going to get better, I’ve lost hope”. Those words and that moment will sit with me forever, it reminds me of how close Abbi was to falling into the negative mindset of chronic pain.

We sat together for most of the day and created a plan for her to start winning again with her health.

Now fast forward eighteen years later, Abbi still has fibromyalgia, some days are better than others, but she made a choice eighteen years ago to take her health back. She now’s medication free, mom of two amazing kids, travels the world, runs Venice Nutrition with me and lives an incredibly active and mostly pain free lifestyle.

The plan she dove into eighteen years ago, became the plan I created and wrote about in our NY Times Best Selling Book, Body Confidence.

But my message to you today is not about the plan. My message to you today is about MINDSET. You see the true difference maker for Abbi was she made the simple choice to stay positive with her health and shift her mindset. Ever since that day eighteen years ago I’ve taught 3 strategies in winning with your health mindset. These are the strategies I want to share with you today, and in the times you feel your health motivation starts to waiver, remember these strategies…

Strategy 1 – Forget Where You Were. Start Where You Are.


For most of us, this is our kryptonite. We live in the past of what we used to be. We say things like “When I was in high school/college” or “When I was an athlete” or “Before I had kids”, basically we continually live in the past of when we had a solid health rhythm and were in shape. The reality is the past is the past. You must forget where you were and Start where you are. Abbi had to accept this, and once she did, she was on the path to getting healthy again.

Strategy 2 – 1%

We are trained as a society to go big or go home! The problem, life is dynamic and is constantly changing. Instead of focusing on going “all in” with your health, imagine making 1% health improvements every day for the next 365 days. Just think about where you will be and the permanent lifestyle changes you would have made. 1% could be simply walking 2 more minutes a day, sleeping 3 more minutes at night or drinking a Zen Fuze protein shake in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon to help balance your blood sugar throughout the day.

The compound effect and exponential progress with 1% health improvements will change your health forever.

Strategy 3 – Focus on Why Your Health Matters

Too many times we focus on the goal and forget about the reason behind the goal. Then once you achieve your health goal, your motivation fades and regression starts to set in. I suggest getting back to why your health actually matters, your reason behind your goal. For Abbi, she wanted to get better so she could be strong enough to travel, play tennis, be a mom and basically live the life she envisioned before fibromyalgia. That clarity on why her health mattered gave her the strength and determination to push through the tough days and continue moving forward.

I hope these strategies help you stay positive with your health and provide of a glimpse of how to strengthen your health mindset.

Ever since 1999 the word “Hope” has meant everything to Abbi and me. It became our theme. Who knows, maybe I’m getting old and sentimental, but that word touches my heart more and more each day. Many of you know about the challenges Abbi had getting pregnant after Hunter was born and the couple miscarriages she had. But you also know of the amazing day of May 8, 2015 when our baby girl Hope was born.

Here’s a picture of our baby girl who reminds us every day about Hope!


So as you take on this weekend and next week, please remember that where ever you sit with your health and body right now, it’s just a moment in time and everything is possible. You just need to start where you are…

Massive Hugs and Lots of Love,


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