Thank You and Massive Hugs

Thank You and Massive Hugs

As the holiday festivities get stronger by the day and 2018 is less than two weeks away, I wanted to send you a quick holiday message.

A couple years ago Hunter gave me a rock that says, “The best things in life aren’t things”

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

Since that day, I carry that rock with me almost everywhere I go.

It’s a fresh reminder of what each of us already know, that the Moments in life and meaningful relationships created are what truly matter.

Many of the moments and new relationships in 2017 were instant classics in our lives, and what Abbi and I know is that each moment was only possible because of incredible friends like you.

So, our Holiday message this year is a HUGE Thank You and Massive Hugs.

Back in 1999, we created Venice Nutrition with a bold mission on changing how the world looks at food and empowering as many people as possible to truly live their best health, as well as creating a complete educational platform for fellow health professionals wanting to learn the science of blood sugar balance.

At the time, it felt like a monumental and possibly unachievable task. It has been a journey that has had many victories and many challenges along the way.

But what I’ve learned over the last eighteen years, is that with a powerful community and like-minded partnerships anything and everything is possible.

Over this past year I’ve traveled to 6 continents and over 30 countries spreading the message of health and with the help of our friends and our incredible partnership with Jeunesse Global, we have created the foundation to help millions of people around the world stop dieting and start winning with their food through Zen Project 8.

This year was also the year we launched our new Health Coach Certification and our next level educational platform, the Coaches Network, for fellow Health Pros.

It was a project we’ve worked on for the last 4 years, understanding that it’s through education and partnering with like-minded health professionals that we can truly change the health of the world.

I chose to share a few of our highlights in 2017 as a fresh reminder to always keep dreaming, keep pushing and keep seizing your moments. The moments we live each day is what defines our memories and quality of our life.

So as you wrap up 2017 and get ready to take on 2018 like the Health Champion that you are, we want to THANK YOU for being part of our family and we’re excited for our future adventures together!

The joy on Hope’s face in this picture from Japan sums up the fun we had in 2017 and are ready to have together in 2018!


Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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