The Science Behind the Zen Fuze Protein Shake

Mark in Frankfurt

Hello from South Africa!

Wow, the last 11 days have simply been incredible!

The passion and energy on the Jeunesse European & Russian Zen Tour was epic.

We kicked off in London, then Warsaw, followed by Prague, Frankfurt, Milan, Kiev, Ukraine and wrapped up with Krasnodar, Russia and Moscow. 11 days and 7 countries, good thing I brought a stocked up MRFK (mobile readiness food kit).

And the tour keeps on rocking. I just flew from Moscow to South Africa for a powerful South African Zen launch!

As we take the world by storm with the Zen Fuze Protein Shake, the two questions I get all the time are: what makes Zen Fuze so unique and how will it help me achieve my health goals?

So I shot a video to best showcase the cutting edge science behind Zen Fuze.

It’s also important to remember that the Zen Fuze Protein Shake is PFC balanced and goes perfectly with all Venice Nutrition Programs.

This video is only 4 minutes and worth the watch, simply click on the play button below:

And if you want even more info about Zen Fuze check out this article I wrote about how to choose a protein shake and Why we partnered with Jeunesse Global to make Zen Fuze:

Click Here to Check Out the Article >

Now if you’re ready add Zen Fuze to your program, simply connect with a Venice Nutrition Coach or a Jeunesse Global distributor.

You can also find out more info about Zen Fuze on the Zen Product page, simply click here >

As always, whether it’s through a cutting edge program or product, my commitment is to consistently add value to your life and help you truly live your best health!

Massive hugs,


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