Town loses 50,000 pounds together!


Over the past few years my dear friend and incredible fellow Health Pro, Renita Brannan has led a powerful health movement throughout North Dakota, helping her community lose over 50,000 pounds! But even more important than the external results, Renita has empowered thousands of people to once again see why their health matters.

If you’re ready to be inspired and motivated then watch this weeks featured HLN Transformation, see incredible before and after’s and hear the 3 simple steps Renita did to change the course of her communities health. Massive congrats to ALL of North Dakota, your actions inspire us all!!

Take Your Body to the Next Level in 2016

As your motivation builds to make 2016 your year of health, your first step is asking yourself the right questions.


Answering yes to those two questions provides the necessary clarity to implement the right strategies. Your long-term health success is based on three things, Education, Consistency and Community. This is exactly why I created Venice Nutrition and our two powerful programs. Based on your goals, choose the program that’s designed for you and get the tools you need to win and truly take your body to the next level.



Make Your 8 Week Run & Thrive

Your 8-Week Plan to Lose Your Bloat, Melt Your Belly and Drop Up to 30 pounds! If you’re busy and ready to take action, permanently lose weight and fed up with the frustration of dieting then this plan is perfect for you. LEARN MORE >

Live Your Body Confidence Plan & Get Customized Meal Plans

Whether you want to lose your last 10-20 pounds, increase lean muscle or take your results to the next level, this path is designed for you. It’s the prefect next step after you make your 8 Week Run and enter your Thrive Phase. You’ll enhance your education, evolve your plan and get the tools to truly make your plan a way of life forever. Based on NY Times Best Seller, Body Confidence. LEARN MORE >

Start Your 8 Week Run Start Your Body Confidence Plan


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