Will Your Plan Work For Me?


My plan is designed to work for people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles!

Whether you are recovering from years of yo-yo dieting, an athlete looking for “the edge”, trying to lose those last 20 pounds of body fat, or just looking for a permanent way to eat well and be healthy as you age, following my nutrition education guidelines will work for you.


Our system is based on the powerful science of blood sugar stabilization.


From birth to adulthood, our bodies require stable blood sugar to function optimally. Blood sugar affects each of us every day.

For example, a child who “crashes” and can’t concentrate after lunch during the school day is experiencing low blood sugar. An adult who craves caffeine and sugar and has the urge to overeat late afternoon is also struggling with unstable blood sugar. An athlete who runs out of fuel mid-performance is having blood sugar challenges too.

It’s amazing how unstable blood has such a negative effect on us; extreme hunger, headaches, mood swings, lack of concentration, weight gain, sugar cravings, increased risk of diabetes and low energy to name a few.

Imagine that you have the power to have unlimited energy, your ideal physique, excellent concentration, optimal health and no sugar cravings simply by stabilizing your blood sugar!

Thousands of people from all walks of life have used our system for success!

If you are committed to your goals, have a true investment in yourself and want to achieve permanent results, my 8 Week Run is right for you.


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