Zen Prime – Your Digestion’s Best Friend

Hello Health Champion!

We are halfway through October and the time is now to build your food and fitness momentum to WIN over the Holidays!

A big part of winning with your health is developing a powerhouse digestive system.

Your health results are determined by what your body can metabolize (your digestion)

Your body has two parts of digestion:

  1. Mechanical – which uses your teeth and smooth digestive muscle to break down your food
  2. Chemical – a combination of digestive enzymes, acids and bile to chemically breakdown your food into its simplest form, for example – protein to amino acids, fat to fatty acids and carbs to glucose (sugar).

Now ideally, in a world without stress, lack of sleep, consistent exercise, proper hydration and clean eating, your digestion system is designed to work like a well oiled machine.

But the moment something is off in your life, that well oiled digestive machine starts breaking down and triggers bloating, acid reflux, constipation and cramping just to name a few of the digestive unpleasantries we all want to avoid.

This is exactly why I partnered with Jeunesse Global and together we made the Zen Bodi Product Line and launched our Zen Program in 100+ countries around the world – and still expanding!

Your whole food and consistent fitness are always your health foundation, but products designed with a purpose can greatly help fill your nutritional gaps and provide your body with a necessary boost.

Zen Prime is your body’s digestive boost.

The word Zen is all about balance and Prime is about creating a solid foundation with incredible quality.

Zen Prime strengthens your body’s digestive system by focusing on 3 main points:

First, it’s packed with all the necessary digestive enzymes and acids to help boost your body’s natural chemical digestion and fill the gaps in any digestive properties your body might be missing

Second, approximately 99% of what you eat gets processed by your liver. Your liver is your body’s nutrient clearing house. So a healthy liver means a healthy and strong body. Zen Prime helps detoxify and strengthen your liver with pharmaceutical grade Milk Thistle.

And finally, water retention causes inflammation and disrupts digestion. Zen Prime has a great balance of Dandelion Root and Juniper Berry, which are well known herbal diuretics, that help flush out toxins and reduce water retention, which reduces inflammation.

Here’s a quick image showing all the benefits of Zen Prime and when to take it:

If you are ready to boost your digestive system with Zen Prime, simply connect with the person who shared this article with you.

And keep remembering, your digestion is the key to your overall health success.

You are what you Metabolize!

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