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Hello Health Champion!


If you’re ready to experience an awesome Health Adventure and permanently reprogram your metabolism then my Coaching Program is for you!

Over 100-Days we will work together hand in hand, customizing, fine-tuning and creating a nutrition and fitness program that will work seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Check out all the details below and always remember YOU determine your Health Success!

100-Day One-on-One Coaching

Program and Experience with

Mark Macdonald


** Every Coaching Session will be a ZOOM Video Call (Just Like You’re Sitting in My Office!), PLUS full Text and Email support throughout your entire 100-Day Program with Me ** 

There are 3 Parts to Your 100-Day Coaching Experience:

Part 1

Your 12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions


Your 60 Minutes health assessment is all about learning about YOU! We’ll focus on looking at your entire health history, current eating habits and exercise routine, plus diving fully into your short-term and long-term health goals. This information provides the ability to fully customize a program designed around your goals and lifestyle.


Your Program becomes your Health Blueprint! In this session, we will spend 60 minutes working together to fine-tune your customized program and deliver an immediate health action plan. You will receive a full step-by-step nutrition plan, and exercise plan, as well as real-world strategies to win with your food at home, work and on the go.

In addition, you’ll learn how to maximize the tools that are included in your program to optimize your program and education. The tools will go hand in hand with the coaching and assist you in reaching the ultimate 100-Day goal, making your program a forever part of your world.

After your program presentation, the fun really begins!

Each Coaching Session is designed to accomplish 3 things:

  1. First, we evaluate and discuss the past week's progress, health wins and possible challenges
  2. Second, we create solutions for all challenges and introduce new strategies to keep your progress and momentum moving forward to achieving your goals
  3. Third, we set new action items and goals for the upcoming week.

This type of weekly focus and coaching allows the 100-Days to build from week to week and once you cross the finish line you’ve created a lifestyle and new metabolism.


Part 2

Your Tools to help you take your program & Food Knowledge to the Next Level


** Every Coaching Session will be a ZOOM Video Call (Just Like You’re Sitting in My Office!), PLUS full Text and Email support throughout your entire 100-Day Program with Me and the Venice Nutrition Support Team **

  • Complete Customized 100-Day Food and Fitness Plan Centered Around Your Goals and Lifestyle
  • 100 Days of 1% Workbook, printed and digital versions.
  • Access to the 100 Days of 1% Program, which includes:
    • 100 days of daily coaching lessons delivered in our online learning portal, all centered around transforming your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle
    • Weekly recorded videos to help you win each week.
    • PFC3 food lists, portion guides, recipes, and more so you can fuel your body for success!
    • Access to PFC3 balanced and delicious recipes 
    • LIFETIME Membership to the PFC3 Club where we have a LIVE call every week + daily support from so many incredible health professionals helping lead the PFC3 movement.
    • Bonus Tips and Tricks for living the PFC3 lifestyle with power
    • Advice for choosing quick & easy grab-n-go meal options to help you seamlessly live PFC3 on-the-go and in a busy life!
    • Tips for dining out and eating while on vacation so that you can live PFC3 anywhere.
    • Winning strategies for your sleep, movement, hydration and stress management empowering you to become your own Nutrition Boss!

Part 3

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