Most important, Mark Macdonald is a husband to his wife Abbi and father to their son Hunter and daughter Hope.  

Professionally, he’s a world-renowned nutrition & fitness expert, NY Times best-selling author, media personality, international teacher and speaker, and entrepreneur who has helped everyone from celebrities to athletes to business executives to busy moms on how to permanently live their best health. 

His life’s mission is to change how the world looks at food and empower people to ditch dieting and learn how to balance their blood sugar by eating PFC3, as well as partnering with passion filled health professionals aligned with the same purpose.    

Mark started questioning the dieting world at seven years old, watching his mom struggle with yo-yo dieting.  He then also watched his dad suffer with digestion challenges.  These experiences made an imprint on Mark and led his to focus on nutrition and fitness in college.  

As a division 1 collegiate soccer player Mark could eat whatever he wanted and used exercise to stay lean.  But the moment his soccer days ended; he gained sixty pound in six months.  This triggered Mark to enter the dieting world in 1996 and live on a ketogenic diet.  He took his body fat to 3%, became one of the top fitness models in Los Angeles, California, but he felt horrible.  

Mark was obsessed with food and his body, and his wife Abbi shared food was controlling his every thought, and something needed to change.    

Mark went back his nutrition foundation and realized winning with your food and body isn’t about dieting or restriction but centered on balancing your blood sugar.  He took this simple concept of eating PFC3 (eating a balance of protein, fats, and carbs every 3 hours) and in 1999 launched his first nutrition practice Venice Nutrition in Venice Beach, California.  Mark and his wife Abbi have now helped lead global PFC3 movements in over 60 countries, 6 continents and in 30+ languages. 

The next evolution of the PFC3 global movement is the incredible partnership with world renowned behavioral specialist and award-winning educator, Carrie Lupoli.  Mark and Carrie have combined 50+ years of experience to create the first ever Formula for Food Freedom, with a full immersion into a robust Body-Mind-Lifestyle approach with a focus on 1% daily progress.  

This new flagship programs, the 28 Day Jumpstart, and 100 Days of 1%, combined with Mark’s new #1 Most Watched Nutrition Daily TV show on Brinx TV :  The NIL House Nutrition – Your Epicenter for ALL Things Nutrition, is focused on educating and meeting people where they are in their health journey and focusing on 1% daily progress. 

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